Service Introduction

Shortage Supply

Providing scarce, hottest,price fluctuation components supply service for solving your worries on material shortage.

Production cycle can be seriously disruppted by material shortage. No matter it is EOL(End-of-life) or hard to find in market.

We have the experience and knowhow of sourcing these obsolete components from verified suppliers, which can help customers maintain production and improve time to market.

Our strict vendor rating system we have in place ensures we source quality components from our approved suppliers.

Wide cooperations with EMS manufacturers, franchise distributors and other excess inventories enable us to resolve your shortage in the soonest time.

We continue to identify the original sources for components to offer the most competitive prices.


Providing procurement-costreducing service to maximize profit from standard cost.

Through our partners in America, Europe and Asia, we are able to find the components at best price available in the market.

Share your BOM , and we’ll track your demand in real-time.

We’ll track down matching components on the open market that are below the standard pricing.

As long as there are components you need a steady stock of on your BOM, we’ll find and deliver them at your specified pricing.

Excess Handling

Providing surplus electronicm material stock commissions and storage cleaning service for helping you to lower property damage and enabling capital withdrawal.

Our supply chain solutions offer EMS and OEM manufacturers flexible processes with attention to detail to help reduce costs, increase returns and drive recovery revenue.

Quickly turning surplus components into recovered value.

Maximimum ROI on at-risk inventory including excess inventory as well as end-of-life/obsolete components.

Utilization of excess inventory for upcoming global demands by consolidation.

EOL Parts

Providing EOL, cold shutdown, small batch and maintenance use components or parts, to greatly improve your procurement efficiency.

We have the largest network of trusted open-market contacts in the industry

We’ll connect you to the massive range of components available worldwide

Partner with DPE experts who can track current and obsolete parts

Our Services

Vehicle Electronics

Medical Electronics

Smart Home

Industrial Control

Communication Electronics

Military Electronics

Security Electronics

Renewable Energy


Our Customers

cares about your concern for the product. we are working on the ISO/AS/ECLALECQC certification Comply with the strict regulation of the product control. we will only source from the authorized agency, distributor or original manufacturer. With the originate track bill of agency. we can easily track the goods from original factory to verify. Ensure our goods are 100%originate and new. make it reliable.