Specialty Transformers

Specialty Transformers are designed to be used with specific products or purposes. These transformers are to be used with ADM2485, ADP1050, ADSL over pots EP7 SMD, brooktree 8920 and 8952 HDSL, CCFL power supplies, crystal CS61574/35/100Ohms/transmit, crystal T1 chips/receive, CS8401, 8402, 8411 & 8412, CS8401/CS8402/CS8403/CS8404-audio transmitter, FT 3120, 3150, 5000 smart transceivers, Globespan, MAX250, MAX251, MAX253, O2 buck converter, PE22100, power form correction, rockwell 8069, RS-485 communications, SL1750, ST viper, T1 transmit for level one 310, and Xenon flash.

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